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Propane Gas

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Butane Gas Patio Gas Campingaz

It’s what keeps your barbecue or stove cooking, your lamp shining, and your blowtorch burning – we stock a range of gas cylinders and cartridges.
If you want power or a long-lasting supply of gas – for example if you’re barbecuing – then a heavy refillable cylinder is ideal. But if you’re going to be carrying gas with you, choose a small, light cartridge. Our valve cartridges can be safely disconnected and later reconnected.

Please note we stock other disposable gas canisters.


Product Overview Rechargeable.

Contains: 400 g butane

Code: BG-CG901


Product Overview


Contains: 1.8 kg butane

Code: BG-CG904


Product Overview


Contains: 2.75 kg butane

Code: BG-CG907